Christina Hendricks vs. Hollywood

 Large bras will certainly be a concern for the beautiful red head who rocks a large bust and a full figure without being considered too overweight. In fact, Christina is adored for her shapely body and while men around the world want to date the actress; women want her body so why is Christina considered beautiful when so many before her have been labelled fat when carrying the same weight as the starlet?

 Christina has an enviable body that while sporting a big bust and womanly hips she remains trim and toned ensuring that her body is in proportion from head to toe. Christina is also naturally beautiful with big eyes, pouty lips and wild red hair that all help her to carry off her larger than average size in the film and television business in the US.

 What helps Christina to stand out from the crowd is her overall look with a sexy waist and healthy bust she carries her body type perfectly. With bigger busts becoming the norm around the world; surely Hollywood should begin embracing Christina’s female form in more women.

 Large Cup Bras

 Statistically women’s breasts are getting larger yet finding sexy underwear and lingerie for women with big busts who are not actually considered to be a plus size in the rest of their body is notoriously hard work. Large cup bras in a size bigger than a D-cup can be found in stores in the UK that focus on embracing a full bust and many of the sexiest are available online. Fantasie and Freya are two popular brands that offer large bras for women with full, but not overweight, figures and with so many more women needing large bras, isn’t it about time Britain began bridging the gap between small and overweight shapes by accepting those in the middle?