Women with curvy figures and a full bust may be the envy of many but underwear shopping can often prove to be a nightmare! Fantasie is one of the few companies that successfully offer its female clients the chance to look and feel great in underwear and swimwear. Fantasie underwear is aimed at women with a large bust and their designs make women all over the world feel inch perfect. Unmatched support is just one of the unique offerings from the company and style is never replaced by comfort but instead it is partnered with it.

What Does Fantasie Offer?

Fantasie aims to provide amazing comfort that allows large breasted women to feel confident and look great.

Fantasie works hard to ensure its customers enjoy:

  • Fantasie bras that are comfortable yet sexy
  • Fantasie swimwear that fits properly and looks great
  • Fantasie underwear that is stylish and well-fitted

Fantasie Full Cup braFantasie bras

With a wide range of Fantasie underwear and Fantasie swimwear available from Large Cup Lingerie women around the globe can enjoy comfort without foregoing sexiness!

Why Does Fantasie Underwear Fit So Well?

Fantasie underwear is worn by large busted women as it is one of only a small selection of companies that successfully blends style and sexiness with pure comfort. Getting underwear or swimwear to fit women with a large bust can be tough work but with Fantasie, customers have come to expect only the very best. The company is dedicated to making sure that all women have a choice and with Fantasie bras going up to a K cup - finding a bra that fits is always possible.


Fantasie Lingerie Fantasie Gabrielle Bras


Want to Look Good on the Beach?

Finding comfortable yet sexy underwear is one thing but doing the same for swimwear is a whole different ball game. Fantasie swimwear is ideal for large busted women who want to look good at the beach as it ensures that it fits properly in all the places that other swimwear brands don’t! With a large bust, ensuring support is adequate is hugely important to how good swimwear feels and Fantasie swimwear fits perfectly for an extraordinary wide range of bust sizes.

There are a range of swimming costumes as well as bikinis on offer from Fantasie and with style as important as comfort; Fantasie offers a large selection of Fantasie swimwear that always looks just as good as it feels.

If you have a large bust and struggle to find underwear or swimwear that fits properly, feels fantastic and looks fabulous then check out the latest designs from Fantasie where style and comfort are at the forefront of the designer’s minds with every design on offer…