What is it About Freya Lingerie?


Freya Lingerie is designed to fit women with a larger than average bust size and the company works hard to ensure that women with a large bust can fit perfectly into the latest fashions. Freya offers its customers a range of bras, swimwear and lingerie and all of the latest styles are available in anything from a D cup to a J cup here at Large Cup Lingerie. Freya is aimed at helping big breasted women look good as well as feel comfortable and with their huge choice of styles and sizes; it’s easy to see why Freya is such a popular brand.

Freya Plunge Bras Freya Monet Bra


What Can I Buy at Freya?

Freya Lingerie offers a large choice of underwear that includes Freya bras from sizes D-K. Matching bras and knickers are also available and Freya lingerie varies from lacy and sexy through to casual and cool. Freya swimwear is another popular line available from Large Cup Lingerie that is dedicated to making large breasted women look as good as they feel.

Check out the following list of the types of products that Freya offers;

  •  Freya bras
  •  Freya swimwear
  •  Freya lingerie
  •  Sports bras
  •  Sexy bras
  •  Casual bras


Freya Bra Sized SwimwearFreya Active Sports Bra

Large busted women all over the world can check out the extensive offerings from Freya online with ease and full colour pictures are a great way to see the products before you make your purchase.

Why Should I Choose Freya?

Freya understands how important it is to feel and look good whatever size and shape you are. Advice about what your lingerie should feel like, how it should fit and what sizes and designs are on offer is readily available. Lingerie can be a tricky business with ill-fitting undergarments proving particularly uncomfortable and how Freya bras and Freya swimwear fits are just as important as how they look and feel.

The beauty of Freya is that the company takes comfort and style into consideration with every single item that they sell and here is what the company offers women when purchasing Freya underwear:

  • The perfect fit
  • Fantastic quality
  • A Supreme style

Freya lingerie is made from fine materials and the fabrics, lace and embroidery is always important. With sizes suitable for large breasted women; Freya strives to ensure that quality is never foregone for style.

But I Can Never Fit into Anything Stylish!

Many women with large breasts suffer from the problem that they cannot find underwear to fit properly and when they do – it doesn’t look as good as it should! There is no need to swap style for comfort at Freya as Freya swimwear, Freya bras and Freya lingerie selections run up to a J cup. All of the designs from Freya have been tried and tested by real women and all shapes and sizes are accounted for.

Whether you are pear shaped, oval shaped, apple shaped or have an hour glass figure; Freya Lingerie offers a little something for everyone that satisfies both quality and comfort needs.